Entrusting Your Linen Fabric to Long Island Laundry Service

Published: 28th April 2009
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Trust is hard to gain and retain. Trust is also difficult to give to strangers. People in Long Island know exactly what I'm talking about because they almost always find it hard to find a reliable laundry service. There are lots of companies offering laundry services in Long Island so it's not easy to choose which one to put your trust on.

Laundry service firms use washing machines in cleaning massive garments. As for linen, linen service companies in New York use a gentler approach to maintain the best look of your linen cloth. These linen service companies value your linen for they know its importance, especially if it was just rented from a trusted linen rental in Long Island. One can get the best quality of linen in Long Island and with the help of a reliable laundry service in NY, you can prolong the life of this expensive fabric.

As expensive as it is, linen is considered one of the oldest woven fabrics in history. It originates from the fibers of flax and once used by the royal family. Purple linen was used as the main material for the King's robe. Do you know that linen was also mentioned in the Bible? It's written there that linens are used as coverings in the Tabernacle and Temple, and references to fine linen are found throughout.

Modern garments made from linen are so expensive because manufacturing linen is costly not to mention it entails a complicated weaving process. Linen advantageously absorbs dye easily so it can come in many different colors. It is a lightweight fabric thus making it suitable for spring and summer wear. It looks crisp, cool and neat even on the warmest days.

Though ideal, linen also has some imperfections. One of its negative qualities is the tendency to crease. Sit down in linen slacks and horizontal creases appear across the front.

Aside from being subject to wrinkles, ironing linen also requires great effort. Your iron must be very hot and should have a steam setting. Otherwise, you will need to pepper the fabric with water to create steam. A light spray starch can also be used on linen. Reverse linen before ironing it or use a pressing cloth to prevent creating shiny spots.

Some clothing pieces made from linen are the following: slacks, dresses, suits, coats, and blazers. Table cloth and bed sheets are other items also made of linen. It also has industrial purposes such as luggage and upholstery furniture manufacture. Apart from its elegance, its versatility makes linen a widely-used fabric.

For best results, linen must be treated with proper care. It should hang in a closet instead of being folded inside a drawer. Linen fibers have a tendency to break if folded too often. Linen is also prone to wear and tear if washed improperly.

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